How to manage a business and still have time for your family

Creating and managing a business is hard, but imagine having a family on top of that. How do you create a business while having to tend to a family? How do you manage a business while having to go home early each night to pick up the kids, clean the house, and cook dinner? Is it even possible? Over the years of managing a for-profit blog, I’ve learned that it definitely is possible, but it takes a little work to figure out HOW to pull it all off. Here are my best tips for you:


Time management


Time management is essential when you are starting a business, or already own a business. If you are not skilled in time management, there is no way that you will meet your deadlines, get everything done, and make all of your meetings each time, and your business will be the one to fail because of it. If there is one thing that people dislike, it is a business that never keeps its promises (or due dates). There are many easy ways to work on your time management:

  • Buy a planner: using a planner is a foolproof way to keep up with all of your due dates and meetings. Check it once or twice throughout the day and write down what you need to remember!


  • Write down what you need to get done for that day: Yes, I know that you’ve already written your deadlines and dates in your planner, but make a separate list for each day. Include your top 5 tasks that you need to get done on that day and cross them off!


  • Take breaks: Leave room in your schedule for breaks – lunch, rests, and snacks are all important to keep powering through your day!




Do you need to pick up the kids and take them to the doctor this afternoon, or do you have a very important meeting coming up? FIgure out what is most important and make a schedule around that! When you do this, you will be able to focus as much as you need to on your family and will never NOT be there, which is what every family wants and needs, and on top of that, your business will run smoothly because you are checking off your to-do list as you need to get things done!

Work smarter, not harder


I am sure all of you have heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder” before. This article is great (come on, don’t you think an article is great when it tells you to take naps?!) on learning how to work smarter, when you are automated to normally work harder. It’s funny to me that working harder is ‘normal’ for us nowadays, but wouldn’t it make more sense if we did work smarter and had more time for family and friends? I’ve already given you a few tips to work smarter – by making a short-term list of goals, using your planner to keep track of your deadlines, and prioritizing. Figuring out your ‘groove’ to work smarter will be hard at first, but you can do it!


Focus on your strengths


I know, I know. It’s your business and you think that you can do everything better than others, right? You’re wrong. Delegating tasks is SO important for a many reasons, one of which is focusing more time on your family. You need to delegate tasks when…


  • You aren’t skilled in an area

I am sure you are great at most things, but not everything. This is when it becomes important to delegate tasks and hire professionals. If you want something done correctly the first time, hire someone that knows what they are doing and is skilled in that area.

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  • You have too much work

Work is great because it makes you money, but too much work is overwhelming and can lead to a decline in business because you are not giving it the attention it needs. Delegate your tasks to help you out!


  • Your priorities are with family, not work

This is obvious – if your priorities are with family, you need to hire a staff to help you with the business aspect of your life. No explanation needed.

Take care of yourself


If you are not taking care of yourself, you cannot take care of your family or business. Although this sounds selfish, you need to make yourself a priority! Get enough sleep, eat healthy meals, stay active, and do what your body needs!

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