Learning to love my postpartum body with LuLaRoe

     I’m going to be frank, I’ve never really had an issue with my weight, mainly because I’ve spent most of my life in a dance studio. In high school and college I went from class to the studio. I’ve pretty much been 5’7″ and 120 pounds since my awkward phase in middle school. So when I had A things changed…A LOT. I gained a pretty significant amount of weight, as one does when growing a human being inside, and truthfully it didn’t bother me until I had my shower two weeks before giving birth. Trying to find something to wear was a nightmare and my friends who I hadn’t seen in months were now going to see me bloated and just a mess. But it went off without a hitch and everyone told me how glowing I was. Once A arrived we were so focused on her and my mental state my weight wasn’t even on our radar. And I say WE because the person that has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader is Tyler!

     So here I am almost two years after having A and I’m just now fitting into my old clothing again. I took my time and just sort of let things happen naturally. Have I had moments where I see a picture of myself and I cry because it’s not what use to be? Of course. But I’ve learned to focus on how I feel on the inside and not what I see in the mirror. If I wake up feeling great I go with it and keep that feeling, which is usually fueled by exercise. I also realize that it’s time to stop changing for clothing, clothing needs to work for YOU. Which brings me to LuLaRoe! I was first introduced to this company by my friend Kathryn not long after she started her business. I heard wonderful things from a few friends and decided to get my mom a pair of leggings. I figure if she liked them, I definitely would! When Kathryn approached me about trying some of the clothes out for my blog I jumped at the chance, and I’m glad I did. It’s true what they say about the leggings, they are buttery soft for sure. But I have to say my favorite item she sent was a Julia dress. It was so versatile and I absolutely love wearing it! I’m currently on the lookout for some mommy & me leggings, because this mom loves twinning!

If you are a fellow LuLaRoe lover I’d love to hear what your favorite item is! And since we are all looking for a Unicorn I’ve linked Kathryn’s Facebook page here –> Kathryn Driskell LuLaRoe VIPs

Happy Shopping!

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