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“Well, It’s almost here
So spread some cheer
Let’s give love and get some back
The more you give, the more you’ll have
Well, the fire’s bright now
And snow comes down
Grab your family; hold them near
Christmas time is here”
The More You Give (The More You Have) by Michael Buble

Holiday season has arrived and once again, I’m totally blindsided. Thankfully we don’t host Thanksgiving or Christmas at our place since we are still renting, but we always have family coming into town for events. I’ve recently blogged about what I use to clean my floors with and Bona sent over some more products to talk about for those Holiday cleaning tips! Since we are renting at the moment I’m a bit neurotic when it comes to keeping the space clean because we have to leave it the way we left it. After being introduced to Bona a year ago, I was hooked. I’ve used multiple mops and cleaning systems before Bona, but none of them worked for me as well as Bona has. And since it is the holiday season you can find me singing along to the Michael Buble Christmas album while I clean ;).

If you’ve been following my blog you know we have two cats AND a toddler. I feel like I’m always cleaning up after a little army of mess-makers. We store the Cats litter box in our bathroom and they always seem to make a mess of the floor/trim. I took a little BEFORE/AFTER photo for you guys to see how awesome this cleaner is. I use it regularly on the bathroom floor to prevent build-up since Bona PowerPlus has 3x the cleaning action.

Surfactant loosens tough, heavy build-up.

Oxygenated formula penetrates for a deep clean.

Bubbling action enhances and lifts away debris.

Tip: I spray the Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner and let sit for 1-2 minutes, then wipe away with the Bona PowerPlus Deep Clean Pad.

The holidays always get a bit crazy, and as much as we try to avoid loading up our plate, that’s exactly what ends up happening. Below is a little list of tips for you guys that have helped me over the past couple of years!

Schedule Now, Relax Later

I’ve talked about making daily ‘to-do’ lists before, and I can’t rave about them enough. I always seem to come up with a HUGE list in my head that becomes an overwhelming rain cloud on my day. Writing down my tasks makes them easier to tackle because I have a visual of everything I hope to accomplish. Scheduling in cleaning is a great way to make a daunting task just another thing to check off!

Make It a Family Affair

A is so interested in everything I do during the day…don’t now how long that will last though, haha. She has a little Melissa & Doug cleaning set that she’s absolutely in love with. I usually tell her to grab her mop and help mommy clean the floor. It turns into a fun little game for the both of us.

Floor It! 
My Mom always taught me to clean from top to bottom, the floor is the last thing to clean. Cleaning from top to bottom avoids redistributing dirt and debris to previously cleaned areas. If you have hardwood floors, now would be a great time to give your floors some extra protection with an application of polish. Since we have carpet, I try to schedule in time for a DIY shampoo job.

Remember the Real Reason.
While we may fuss and stress over getting the house in immaculate shape or getting the most picture-perfect atmosphere, remember that these things pale in comparison to spending time with friends and family. When you use Bona PowerPlus you’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones thanks to Bona’s powerful cleaning system!

Bona offers a great range of products that can help you get your home ready for the holidays. From mops, floor cleaners and more, Bona has all that you need for a festive family get-together. Click the link below for more information. Happy Holiday Cleaning!

Bona PowerPlus

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