A Gift Guide for Millennial Dads

Gift guide season is upon us, so I thought I’d put together a fun little gift guide for Millennial Dads (although these are great for ANY dad in your life). Most of these my husband already has, or has been asking me for over the past couple of months. I’ve linked them all for you guys, and they can all be bought online because who has time to go to the store anymore?!?! Unless it’s Target we are talking about!

Harry’s Razors

Harry’s razors are my absolutely favorite! My husband bought one when we started dating and after a while I jumped on the bandwagon. They have a few gift sets out now that are $100 and under. You can even have them engraved (although that seems a bit excessive for a razor lol).

Harry’s Razors: Gift Sets


That Green Jacket Everyone and their Mother has

Ok my husband has been bugging me about this jacket since August. He usually doesn’t like the latest trends, but who can resist this one?! I wear my green jacket almost everyday! It’s perfect to throw over a sweater during the early winter months.

Jacket: Old Navy

A good pair of slippers

Please tell me I’m not the only mom who drops their kid off at school in a pair of slippers like these ones? I swear A’s teacher probably thinks I’m a bum. This is one item I’m definitely getting for my husband this year! These slippers are the perfect pair of shoes to throw on for that early morning Dunkin run ;).

Slippers: Clarks

Home Brew Kit

I bought my husband one of these brew kits a few Christmas’ ago, and even though he has yet to actually brew the beer, it was such a great gift! Be warned, it takes a quiet afternoon without kids around, and a LOT of patience, but I’m sure it’s worth it…I’ll let you guys know when my husband actually brews his!


A Daddy Diaper Bag

I wholeheartedly believe Dads need their own diaper bag! Something they pack themselves for when they are out with the kids. My husband has his own and has used it quite a bit. I think it makes him more comfortable to take A out on those solo trips.

Diaper Bag: Ferlin Diaper Bag

Car Driving Experience

I saved the best for last you guys! I bought my husband a car driving experience through groupon a couple years ago and it was SO MUCH FUN!! If you want to see a grown man become a teenager again this is the gift that will do it. A and I accompanied him and we had a great time watching from the sidelines. I definitely recommend buying a voucher through groupon!


So that’s my little list for you guys! Let me know some of your favorite gifts to get for dads!


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