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When I started hashing out all the details for our wedding, my teeth were pretty high one on the list for “day-of” details. I had braces in high school and ever since getting them off I’ve been a bit obsessed with my teeth. I’ve also never had a cavity, so I make sure to take really good care of them. My go-to teeth whitening is one you can find at any pharmacy or grocery store, but I knew for my wedding I’d have to pick up something that was a bit stronger. So when Smile Brilliant approached me about trying their system I was eager to check them out. I have to say I was a little intimidated at first because upon receiving the kit it seemed like a lot was involved. But once you break everything down the process makes sense, and doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

My kit arrived and I was ready to get to work. If you’ve had braces or some type of retainer I’m sure you can remember the strange process of making the molds. I’ll never forget the feeling of sitting in the sticky dentist chair (with that strange plastic coating) with a mouthful of bubble gum flavored gunk in my mouth, and a nurse catching my spit. Smile Brilliant’s process is a tiny bit more glamorous than that! The first thing on the list is to make your impressions. They provide enough of the puddy to make four (two for each set), just in case you screw up the first time. A prepaid envelope is provided for you to send your impressions out, which I thought was amazing because you don’t have to waist any time at the post office. I did my impressions in the morning before dropping A off at daycare, and sent them out on my way home. Nice and easy for a busy moms schedule!

My trays came back in a little under two weeks, which gave me time to read over everything that came with the kit, as well as some reviews online. As soon as my trays came in I couldn’t wait to try it out! Once A was in bed I filled my trays with the whitening gel and went about my business for the evening. The pamphlet says you can wear them up to 3 hours, but my teeth are pretty sensitive so I never wore them for more than an hour. What made the whitening process easy was the fact that I could pop them in and go! I could get cleaning done while whitening my teeth, and don’t we all want to multitask as much as we can sometimes??


The first night of whitening I decided not to proceed with the desensitizing gel, and I don’t recommend this. When I was going through reviews I read multiple ones that stated the desensitizing gel would become your best friend…they were right. My teeth are sensitive to begin with, but I think for the average person this is still a step you don’t want to skip. Plus, it only takes about 15 minutes, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t a long time. When I first removed the trays I noticed white specs on my teeth, and I FREAKED OUT. After brushing my teeth and giving it some time I noticed the spots disappearing. If this happens don’t freak out. The spots will become minimal the more you whiten, and tend to go away a few hours after you’ve finished a treatment,

which is why I recommend doing this in the evening!

I started this process about a month before my wedding, with my last treatment the day before our wedding. I did give my teeth at least 2 breaks a week and I highly recommend this. I was very pleased with the final outcome of my teeth, and I even got a few compliments on my wedding day ;). This system is definitely one I would recommend, especially for future brides! It’s easy to use, convenient for busy people, and will give you the results you desire. It even stands up to coffee and since I love my morning espresso this was a big plus for me!


Smile Brilliant has custom packages available on their website, along with reviews, and more information!

Now I want to hear from you guys! Do you use a teeth whitening system? Would you be interested in trying out Smile Brilliant? I’d love to answer any additional questions you have…feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

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