Truth be told I was hesitant to write about our wedding. How could I possibly fit everything into one post? Much like the planning process I didn’t want to drag this out more than I had to. As amazing and wonderful as the day was, the before and after was somewhat of a disaster. So I’ve included some tips along the way for you guys!


The Before

I’m not a planner. I contemplated becoming a wedding planner at one point in my life, and not following through with that was a smart decision on my part. We’ve all heard the wedding horror stories, the ones where a bridesmaid backs out last minute and someone wears white to the wedding, but I honestly thought those were extreme cases…until it happened to me. Once we finalized the venue everything fell into place. We had a great experience dealing with the venue itself, the caterers, photographer, DJ, hair & makeup, and pastor. Everyone seemed to be seasoned pros, which put us at ease. Our biggest planning mistake was the invitations, which I chose to do myself and found a great shop on Etsy that provided the design.


My advice to someone who goes this route is to do your math. I ended up printing way more than I needed to, and if your trying to save money this is a BIG detail you don’t want to screw up. My parents were such a great help with this aspect and spent an entire weekend making sure we got them out on time! Thanks Mom & Dad ;).

Since our venue could only accommodate 120 people we decided not to include plus ones at first. This actually became one of our main issues with the planning process. Although we had addressed invitations to one person, some people wrote in plus ones. In the end we had enough people that couldn’t attend, and were able to add in plus ones for people.


My advice would be to include whether or not a plus one is an option on the invitations themselves, in order to avoid confusion…and some pretty awkward situations.

Fast forward to the night before our wedding (because everything else pretty much went off without a hitch). Our venue did not allow rehearsals the night before, so we ended up doing a rehearsal the day of (minus Tyler). This actually worked out in our favor because we didn’t have to stress about 3 little girls running around a church while we all tried to figure out who stands where. Instead we were able to put A to bed and spend time with our friends in the hotel bar.


The Wedding

When I say this day took teamwork, I don’t mean that lightly. Our family and friends were absolutely amazing to us. I arrived at the venue with my bridesmaids at 10 am to start getting ready and set up. Whichever bridesmaid wasn’t getting her hair and makeup done was right by my side, and it was glorious! The only thing I can say that went “wrong” was A and it was stressful.


If you are a parent who is getting married and your little one(s) will be present make sure you have a DEFINITE babysitter. 

This was our mistake. We didn’t take the time to sit and down and map out HER day. And although family was a tremendous help, nothing prepared us for her reaction. A does not do well in large crowds, especially when people get in her face. So needless to say she was cranky, and we didn’t blame her for it. I wish we would have thought about her instead of assuming she would be fine because familiar faces would be present.

When it came to our pictures we slacked a bit. I came up with a few pose options, which our photographer stuck with, but a lot of them were silly! Tyler and I like to keep things light and I feel like our wedding party photos definitely stayed in that direction.


Map out family photos ahead of time!

It can become a bit overwhelming when you are taking a million photos and all you want to do is eat. Our photographer asked us to come up with a family list, which helped us out quite a bit. We kept it to immediate family and our wedding party, with the exception of the person who introduced Tyler and I!

My big OOPS moment was forgetting our guestbook at home! So we made a quick decision to have our guests take polaroids as their guestbook entry. Tyler and I had a blast looking at all the pictures from our day. So I say it was a happy accident 🙂

Tyler and I decided to do A’s dedication at our wedding. We wanted to be married before she was dedicated, and honestly it seemed like the perfect time. Since both our families live in different states, this is the one time everyone was together. We are so grateful our brothers agreed to be her Godfathers! A was born on my older brother’s birthday, and all four of them share a May birthday. She has three wonderful Uncles watching over her :).

The rest of our night went off without a hitch, and we had such a blast celebrating with our guests! I’ve listed some quick tips below, but I’d love to hear about your special day and what tricks helped you!


Stay organized

Let people help when they ask

Don’t be afraid to DIY a few things

Communicate with everyone…especially your spouse.

Don’t forget to have fun!!!


Venue: The Loft at Jack’s Barn

Photographer: Enchanted Celebrations

Bridal Hair: verve

Invitations: BlissPaperBoutique

Wedding Dress: Oleg Cassini Ball Gown

Bridal Earrings: Amazon

Bridesmaid Dresses: Union Station


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