Friday Fresh Picks – 4 Wedding Must Haves!

I haven’t had much time to talk about our wedding on the blog because if you’ve been married you know how hectic it can be. After going through all the stress and planning, I’ve learned a few things I need to share to make the process a little less stressful. So below are my 4 wedding must-haves for:

Instax Mini Polaroid Camera

When it came to our guestbook I didn’t want to go with a traditional option, so I took to pinterest for some ideas. I found an option of having people take polaroids and tape them into a book where they could write a little message. This was our original plan, but after a little mishap with our guestbook, we ended up with just the polaroid camera. Our venue was nice enough to give us a clipboard for people to display their pictures on, and all worked out! Now we have these amazing photos of our friends and family to add into a book ourselves.

Talaria Ballet Flats

When I first got engaged I knew I wanted to wear flats on my wedding day. I searched for companies that offered packages for you and your wedding party. When I came across Talaria Flats I knew it was meant to be. You can create a wedding party box, which lowers the price of each pair. I ended up getting my flats, 6 bridesmaids flats, and a pair for my mom. Not only are they adorable, but my feet weren’t killing me by the end of the night.

Sapphire Wedding Earrings

This was my most risky purchase for our wedding. I knew my something blue had to be earrings, and I searched for MONTHS trying to find the right pair. I went throught countless websites with no luck. About two weeks before our big day I decided to do a quick on search Amazon. Much to my surprise I found a great pair that were only $21! When I opened the package not only was I surprised by the quality, but they matched my engagement ring perfectly.


On my wedding day I planned to wear a nice red lip, and I found the perfect lipsense color. Well I guess mom brain kicked in and I forgot it at home, so I quickly ran to CVS for a replacement. I highly suggest a lipstain that won’t get all over your grooms face (because you will be asked to kiss about a 1,000 times). My poor husband has bright red lips in almost all of our photos.



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