Unique Mother’s Day Gift (featuring Incredibundles)

I always love sharing my awesome finds with you guys because they are just too good to be kept a secret! So when I was asked to try out the gift service called Incredibundles I knew I had to share our experience with you. Now let me just start out by saying I WISH I had known about this when I was pregnant! It would have been a great option for my baby shower, first Mother’s Day, or even Christmas. And as soon as one of my friends gets pregnant I now have this easy and creative gift option.

Incredibundles is a gifting service featuring toys, books, diapers, organic essentials, and more. You can choose from a one-time purchase, or a years supply of diapers (which is a great baby shower gift). It’s all in one place, and you can purchase a handy gift box which can be repurposed (A was more interested in the box at one point). So I’m sure you’re wondering how this would be an option as a Mother’s Day gift, right? Well what’s the one thing moms REALLY want on Mother’s Day??? We don’t want to think about diaper changes, nap-time, laundry, cleaning, etc. So what if she had a 3, 6, or 12-month supply of diapers show up at her doorstep? How many times do you forget to check if there are still enough diapers to get through the weekend, or that last day of daycare for the week? This gift service can help give that mama one less thing to worry about.

When it comes to Mother’s Day I’m always looking for a unique option because the typical card, chocolate, and flowers can get old. Incredibundles offers many options so you can really cater your gift to the preferences of the Mom you are buying for. One of my mom friends chooses all things organic for her family, so I know one of the Incredibundles Organic Bundles would be a wonderful option for her and her family. I have another friend who enjoys reading to her son, which she does every night before bed. She also has a love for those classic children’s books from her childhood, and the Eric Carle Book Bundle would be perfect for her! But sometimes picking just one option can be overwhelming, which is why a gift card can be a great option.

For A’s Incredibundle I chose to Create Create A Bundle under the Sesame Street category. If you’ve been following us for a while now you’ll know A absolutely LOVES anything Sesame Street related. Here’s what came in her box:

  • ABC and 1,2,3 Book – We are just getting into the ABC’s with A, and this book is full of vibrant colors, shapes, and interactive illustrations.
  • Sesame Street CD – This CD has now become a lifesaver in the car! I now have the C is for Cookie song memorized and on repeat in my sleep.
  • Bert plush – A has most of the Sesame Street characters, so we had to add Bert to her collection. This is a medium size plush, perfect for those little hands
  • Big Bird plush – I have been looking for a Big Bird plush for some time now, and was happy to find one to add in her box!

If your little one is interested in Sesame Street as much as A is, this if the pick for you! They also have a classic box option, which can be a great birthday present.

What are you buying for the special mom in your life, or even a new mother? What do you think of Incredibundles gift service, is it something you might try yourself?? I’d love to hear what YOU think, and if you’ve tried a gift service before.

Special thanks to Incredibundles for letting us try out this wonderful service, and further fueling A’s love and curiosity for Sesame Street! 

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