An easy mealtime option for Toddlers

Who uses pouches for their kids?? We swear by them for our home, travel, on-the-go, and daycare! They are so convenient, and most of them provide a fruit & veggie option. It’s a great way to get those essential nutrients into your kiddos, without the added stress of watching your toddler throw his/her broccoli on the floor. I find them to be such a help when I’m running around the grocery store just before dinner. It’s one of the only ways I can get A to sit in the shopping cart. When I haven’t been grocery shopping in a while they become a great option for snack time, especially when we decide to have a tea party!

If you’re a daycare mom you know how stressful it can be to make sure your child is eating enough when you aren’t around. Our daycare provider always give me a sheet at the end of the day, and I’m pretty diligent about checking A’s lunchbox when we get home, but I always worry when she is at daycare. So I like to stick a pouch or two in her lunchbox, which can be used as a snack or whatever her provider chooses that day. It gives me that little piece of mind knowing she will most likely devour it!

So when I found out about Gerber’s New Smart Flow™ spout I had to try it out. Anything that helps to keep messes off the floor, and food in those little bellies is a mom win! You can even tell there is a difference in design based off the look of the spout. Now I’m not afraid to let A enjoy her snack on the couch! So far she is really enjoying the Banana Blueberry Gerber pouch, which is my favorite as well. Yes, pouches are for hangry moms as well ;).

As you can see in the image above, the pouches are an easy fit for any size lunchbox, diaper bag, or purse (making on-the-go mealtime easy)! Plus, they give you the added comfort of knowing there will be no messes to clean up. Interested in turning your #PouchFail into a #PouchWin ? Follow this link –> Gerber Pouches for a COUPON. Gerber’s new Smart Flow™ pouches can be found at any Kroger or Ahold retailer.

Happy shopping!!

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