How to make the most of your family vacation in New Jersey

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Family travel creates amazing memories that will play through your head the rest of your life, but the trick to making your family vacation great is by being prepared. Many people go on vacations without any preparation involved and they usually end up regretting it. If you are not a huge planner, no worries at all! I have a few basic tips or tricks listed below that will make sure you have a flawless family trip. Check them out and let me know what you think!!

Research and choose the best city for your family

Researching cities before you go on your trip is pretty important because there are so many options to choose from. Every family is different, so I cannot recommend which city will be perfect for you specifically, but I would start by checking out Ocean City, Wildwood, Diamond Beach, Cape May, and Atlantic City. From beaches and shopping to mini golf, awesome eateries, and splash parts, these cities have it all and you will definitely find something great to do with your entire family. Ocean City, specifically, is the number fifth rated “foodie city” in the United States and is also consistently rated a top beach location for families.

Decide where to stay

With a family, you have a lot of luggage and kids need space to move around. Renting a vacation home in New Jersey is definitely the way to go to help you out in this area. When you are planning your trip, finding a place to stay is one of the most important parts of the planning process, but I have an awesome tip for you! You need to make sure you check out Daniels Realty, the number one real estate agency in the area for over twenty five years. The manager and broker, Colleen Remmie has a passion for the industry and will go above and beyond with her communication skills and keen negotiation, making sure your satisfaction is top priority. Daniels Realty has over 200 vacation rentals for you to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect place for your family.  

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Choose family friendly activities

After you narrow down the city that you are staying in and you find your vacation home through Daniels Realty, you can start your search for family friendly activities! Search Google, read blogs, look at TripAdvisor, and trust your gut. Sometimes, I like to get a general idea about a city and then play it by ear, making it more fun and spontaneous. If I get a general “feel” for the city, I know there are options that we will be able to do, no matter if it is planned out or not. Ocean City has quite a few amusements. Of course there is the beach, but they also have miniature golf, Castaway Cove, which is an old school amusement park, and a lot of water sports, to name a few.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best

With kids, you know that anything can happen at anytime. Plan your heart out making sure you plan for the worst. Park efficiently, but make sure to bring extra clothes, diapers (if applicable), medicines and make sure to bring all of your important documents like birth certificates if flying and health insurance information. Traveling with kids can be hard, but it is so much fun and usually rewarding. If you plan for the worst, not much can happen to bring down your trip, but if you are not prepared for the worst, if something does happen, it could ruin your entire trip. Most of the time, you are safe and nothing ever happens, but it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Have fun!
Having fun on your trip is the point of travel! Going on a family vacation can occasionally be stressful and hard, but it is always such an amazing experience for you and the rest of your family. Traveling the world has so many learning experiences and you are giving your children the best gift in the world by letting them come with you to explore new places and see new things. When everything is over, I bet that you will look back and think about all of your amazing memories for the rest of your life.

Are you planning a family soon? Don’t forget to check out Daniels Realty when you are booking your vacation rental in the New Jersey area. Let me know below where you are headed next with your family!

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