Easy cleaning with Bona Power Plus

If you’ve followed me for some time now you’ll know that we have two huge cats and a toddler running around at all times in our tiny two bedroom apartment. It can get a bit messy, especially when A decides to have a food fight (by herself)! I’m always looking for products that actually work and don’t have a thousand pieces to assemble since storage is a bit lacking. I feel as though I’ve gone through every trick in the book, and have tried all the Pinterest fails. I recently tried this new PowerPlus Deep Cleaner and Microfiber Deep Clean Pad from Bona and I was impressed with how easy it made my cleaning process!

Since we are renting I feel as though I have to constantly clean and keep our apartment the way we found it. But that’s not always easy when you have a baby hiding things under the stove or the endless amounts of cats hair that end up everywhere! It can become exhausting trying to keep up after everything and truthfully I don’t have a lot of time these days. What I love about the Microfiber Deep Clean Pad is that it actually picks up all the dirt and cat hair the first time! I usually sweep our floors before mopping them, but the dual-zone microfiber traps in dirt and removes build-up saving me an extra step!

My biggest pet peeve with cleaning is the smell of some products. I recently had to bleach our bathroom tub and I swear you can smell it for days! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of odor the PowerPlus Deep Cleaner had. 
I have to say this product does work well and gets rid of those tough spots! I even asked my fiance if the floors looked clean when he got home from work and he responded with:
 “Yeah, they actually look pretty good, did you do something?” 
It’s so easy to use and get those kiddos involved! A loved trying to spray the PowerPlus Deep Cleaner and we even got the cats involved. Although they cared more about the texture of the Microfiber Deep Clean Pad. I want to encourage you guys to give this product a try and let me know what you think! Bona is offering my readers a $3 off coupon. You can also sign up for their BonaFide Fanatics and download a $3-off coupon! Who doesn’t love saving money, right!

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