Ways to give back in your community

     So much has been weighing on my heart since the results of this election. And in the past week we’ve witnessed some big changes for this country. Yesterday I read an article published by another blogger asking why bloggers have not been using their outlet to strike conversation, omit change, or take action. It struck such a cord with me as I’ve been asking myself, “what more can I do?” Making calls and writing emails just doesn’t seem to be enough. And the more I go into my community or read someone’s outrage on Facebook, the more I become disheartened. So a few days ago I started researching local charities, soup kitchens, and outreach programs. I came across a local soup kitchen and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I quickly wrote down my idea in my phone and messaged a friend to get her opinion. My idea was simple. What is a “luxury” I spend money on every month? Coffee, or as I like to call it, MOM FUEL! I spend roughly 40+ dollars on coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts every month. So this month I decided to spend the 40 dollars on something that would benefit a person in need. The local soup kitchen I researched had a list of items they need donated on a regular basis. Today A and I headed to the dollar store and bought 40 items off the list and tomorrow I will drop them off! My goal was not to say “Hey, look at me!” It’s to show everyone how easy and simple it is to give back. Often times we bombard ourselves with information, become overwhelmed, and don’t follow through. But if we make one subtle change to our daily schedule we can accomplish quite a bit. 

I’ve listed some local NJ/PA services for you, as well as international refugee services:

Local NJ Services

Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
Trenton, NJ
Hands of Hope Food Pantry 
Edison, NJ
Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen
New Brunswick, NJ
Rescue Mission of Trenton
Trenton, NJ
Family Promise
Glassboro, NJ
Homeless Solutions
Morristown, NJ
Hope House
Jersey City, NJ
The Hoboken Shelter
Hoboken, NJ

Refugee services in Philadelphia, PA
International Refugee Services

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