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     It’s no shock that life with a toddler is a bit of a whirlwind. Some days seem to never end, and other days we are the best of friends. I can say that a year ago the hard days always seemed to linger. My postpartum depression stopped me from enjoying and making the most of the good days. But a few weeks before the holidays I noticed a significant difference in my mood. These days, I find myself looking at A with that warm fuzzy feeling, and I start to cry. It’s been a long road to feeling the type of love only a mother can feel for her child. If you’ve never had a maternal mental illness, this might sound a bit strange. How can a mother not love her child? Well of course I love A, but I was robbed of that whole hearted feeling for quite a while. I always seem to refer to this type of love as “the light” because my PPD was always like this dark tunnel. I could always see the light at the end of the tunnel and now that light shines bright everyday.

     Since A is an only child at the moment I try to make everyday special for the two of us. So sometimes that means we spend all day in our pj’s, eat cookies when we shouldn’t, or spend way too much time in the toy isle at target. And documenting these moments has been special for me. I don’t have a lot of pictures of us when A was a baby, which I definitely regret. So when I get a special package in the mail from Canvas House Designs I obviously have to take some adorable pictures of my little cookie monster. I first found this wonderful shop on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the shop! I’m such a sucker for vintage and minimalistic related pieces these days. When A’s dress came in the mail I wanted to put it on her immediately, but of course she was sleeping. The shop owner is such a wonderful woman and a true super mom! Her designs wont disappoint, especially the quality of the dresses she creates. A’s dress is from a linen fabric, with the most perfect white accents! And the best part is I know the shop owner is open to creating something unique for you. Plus, who doesn’t love supporting other moms?! I sure do!

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