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One of the first few “quirks” I noticed about Tyler was how many watches he owned. I swear the guy had a watch for every occasion. There was a casual watch, dressy watch, a workout watch, and a work watch. As time has passed a few of those watches have been replaced by some convenient Apple products, but he still carries an inventory of about 3. So this Christmas I wanted to find a unique watch that would fit every occasion and activity. Now this is no easy task, especially for a man who is so accustom to having an array of them. When I was approached by JORD to do a collaboration I jumped at the chance!

After doing some research on the JORD Wood Watches, I knew it would be a perfect fit. Their men’s watches are a combination of classic and simple. It is a piece that can be worn to work, brunch, or the gym. I picked The Conway watch, which is JORD’s first chronograph watch for men. Chronograph watches are traditionally display watches with the addition of stop watch functionality. Many fashion chronograph watches on the market don’t actually work, they just have the chronograph look on the face. But JORD’s Conway is a true operating chronograph watch and uses the Citizen Miyota OS10/OS1A movement.

As soon as the watch arrived we both couldn’t wait to open it! I have to say the watch was even more stunning in person, and Tyler absolutely refuses to take it off. And now I’m looking into getting a woman’s watch for myself! And since tomorrow is black friday, this is perfect timing because JORD is having a sale. Which is something they hardly do! Here is a link to their black friday deals: JORD BF

Want an even better deal?? If you go to this LINK you can have a gift card sent straight to your email right now, and save even more! You have until Dec. 18, 2016 to redeem your code, and it doesn’t expire until February 28, 2017. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the savings!  
Ladies Wooden Watches

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches and all opinions are my own.

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