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      Allergies run high in this family, and as time goes on I feel like they only get worse. So when A developed signs of a milk allergy, we weren’t all that surprised. Along with her allergy came sensitive skin, and dry patches. I was told the patches were pretty common and her doctor suggested we use Dove sensitive soap. My fiancé had already been using it for a while and it was working well for him. After a few months of trying the soap and an eczema lotion, the dry patches didn’t seem to be going anywhere. I noticed Babo Botanicals in the grocery store a couple of times and decided to finally try it out, since it seemed to cater to children with sensitive skin. After only a few baths I noticed a difference. Since using the wash for two months now ALL of A’s dry patches are gone, which is a huge relief for this momma! I can tell A is more comfortable in her skin because I don’t find her scratching as often, and she has no more red blotches.

     Upon this change I decided to do a little more research on the Babo company and their products. Here are a few facts I uncovered:

  • The ingredients they use come from their certified organic farm, located in upstate New York.
  • The founder of Babo Botanicals, Kate Solomon, is also a mom and has a passion for sustainability. 
  • Babo partners with some great organizations including the NY Botanical Gardens, Whole Foods Kids Foundation, and the Environmental Working Group.
  • You will not find any parabens, sulfates, or phthalates in their products.
  • Babe offers an affiliate programs, which is great for bloggers. For more information visit their site: Babo affiliate program

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