DIY picture display

   I’ve wanted to try a project like this for a while, but I could not find the right materials to inspire me. The other day I noticed a little dresser drawer stored away to be forgotten about. I immediately knew what to do with it! I absolutely LOVE restoring household items, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. 
I would recommend sanding the wood before applying any kind of pant, to smooth out any imperfections. I used an acrylic based paint to cover the drawer, and applied 3 coats. 
   My goal was to use anything I had in our apartment already, instead of buying new items for this project. So I thought, why not use yarn to pin the pictures to? Turns out, it was the perfect material to use. I measured out spacing between each strand, marking it with a sharpie. When I first tried attaching the yarn to the wood, I attempted to use a nail in order to keep it in place. This wood was a lot stronger than I thought, so that wasn’t an option. Instead I hot glued the yarn to the back of the drawer to keep each strand in place! 

   By hot gluing the yarn I am able to adjust the distance between each piece, according to which picture I pin. The most time-consuming aspect of this project was letting the paint dry, but overall it might only take someone three hours to complete. 


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