OXO tot food containers – Monday review

   Now that A is eating what we eat and purees are out the window (with the exception of a few handy pureed pouches), I have to share how much I love these containers from OXO. I first discovered them from a child in my mom’s daycare. Her mother would chop everything into tiny pieces and put them in these different size containers. I told myself one day when I have a child (not knowing it would be so soon), I’ll have to invest in these containers. You can only imagine my excitement when I unwrapped the box at my baby shower. Even though having to wait 8 months to actually use them was a bit of a buzzkill, I certainly take full advantage of them now.

   The set we have is the 12 pack, which includes six 2oz blocks and four 4oz blocks; but they can be purchased separately if you are looking for a specific size. Both sets come with a tray and can be easily stacked in the freezer or fridge! YES, they are freezer safe and BPA free! So when your little one is teething and you want to freeze some formula or breast milk, the 2oz blocks make the perfect mold. The blocks also come with labels on either size that list OZ and MLS for easy measuring!

   What I love most about these containers is they are so easy for on the go activity. We are constantly moving and now that summer is upon us we will barely be inside. These blocks fit perfectly in a lunchbox, which makes them great for daycare or school. I highly recommend these to any parent who is looking for easy food storage. You can find them at TargetKohl’s, and Toys R Us.


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