Beauty Look – Covergirl Voxbox

Make up was once a huge part of my life, but now unless I’m heading to a casting or out to dinner makeup is not really a large part of my daily routine. This month I received influenster’s Covergirl Vobox, which included the SUPER SIZER fibers mascara and perfect point plus eyeliner. I’m not much of an eyeliner girl anymore, so I’ll skip to the chase and say the perfect point eyeliner gets the job done. If you are looking for a fine point winged look, this would not be the eyeliner for you. Unless you are a highly skilled makeup artist this is more of a quick application or smudge goddess eyeliner. The neat feature though is this eyeliner self-sharpens, which is great for the on the go! Length is always an issue for me when it comes to my lashes. Although there are many, they lack in the height department, but not with the super sizer fibers mascara! I did notice a huge difference in length which is great because don’t we all want those beautiful Disney princess eyes ;). If it’s length your looking for I definitely recommend this mascara. Alright, short and sweet is always my way to go, but before I end if you don’t know about influenster I urge you to head on over to their website, and check it out. You can review products you already use in order to earn your way to free products!


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