“A book is a gift you can open again and again.”

The first time we attended storytime A was about 4 months old. We were still in the “I’m going to scream for most of the day” phase, so actually getting out the door was a struggle. I honestly hated going. I didn’t know anyone in our town, and I was still figuring out how to handle A on a daily basis without breaking down.  But I did push myself to go, which I’m proud of. About a month in I met a few moms who invited me to lunch. I gladly accepted the invitation (I was desperately looking for mom friends) and the thought of being alone with A was enough push to get me to go with them. When we arrived at the cafe we were greeted by about 5 other moms. Although I didn’t get to speak with everyone, I did meet a few women I still speak with today.

Being a mom is exhausting, but we do what we do for our children. A has always been a clinger so I needed to find an activity that would help her grow and teach her to interact, but also gave me the ability to be a watchful eye. Our local library offers baby playtime after the half hour storytime session, which is great for us! It took a few tries, but A now warms up right away and isn’t afraid to make a new friend. This time also allows her to learn new skills. She is most definitely an observer (just like her mom), which allows her to watch some of the older babies show off their crawling, walking, and talking skills! 
As a SAHM I’m constantly looking for ways to get my fiancé to stay home with us…not even kidding. Although we have yet to coordinate a day I desperately want him to join us for storytime. I know my fiancé can’t wait for the day A can run around and play catch, but time with her now is extremely important. He does a great job of coming home and spending one-on-one time with her, but attending storytime doesn’t just benefit A; it can also be a nice break from work. And yes, I’m totally writing this in hopes he will read it and take a much needed break from his busy work life to join us 😉 
It comes down to this: yes, leaving the house is like running a marathon, and I’d much rather be at home, but storytime benefits everyone in the long run. So find your local library and get to it mommas! We are currently doing a “1,000 books before preschool” challenge! I currently use the app goodreads to keep track of all the books we have read! 

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