My happy place

As I wake up to a dirty home, teething baby, disastrous liter box, dinner from the night before left out, cat throw-up, and an inbox full of orders, I know I need to find my happy place. It’s so easy for me to lose my cool when life seems like one big tornado circling around and around. Did I ever think I would have to pee with a baby on my hip and a cat on my lap? Heck no, but that is what life looks like for me now. Frustration sets in pretty quickly when you constantly have to put another human being first; and as a first time mom, I never expected motherhood to be this rough. So what does your happy place look like? What helps you get through a day from hell? For me, I run through memories in my mind while enjoying nap time (when it actually happens). Or reward myself with a row of thin mints because I made it to nap time without falling to pieces.

I have to remind myself that I came first. To take care of momma bear. Because if I fall apart, so does everyone else. It’s hard being a mom. Being the rock. Maybe I’m too presumptuous for putting such strong label on it, but let’s face it, moms are the rocks of the family. We are the glue. So let’s not forget about the rock. Cherish that beautiful soul because you deserve it. 
I want to share a moment of pure joy for me. About 2 months after having A I did my first photoshoot with a wonderful CT photographer! We went to a park with a beautiful lake. He wanted a very earthy concept to the shoot, so I put on a flowy maxi dress and danced around the forest. There’s something about motherhood that makes you feel one with Mother Nature, so it was a very organic experience. Yes, I had a total hippy moment and I LOVED it. I felt free. I left everything behind for a short amount of time. My point is, these moments are so important for moms. We are always putting other first. We need to let go sometimes. And feel free. 

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