I am a ___ mom.

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve had two sick babies in my house, and life has been a bit crazy. I’ve been struggling lately with judging myself as a mom, and remembering that it’s OK to have flaws. As human beings we have such strong opinions about certain subjects, and when it comes to our kids full momma bear mode can kick in pretty quickly. I find myself thinking my parenting is less-than because I don’t follow a certain “label”. The truth is I’m not a helicopter mom or a crunchy mom or the countless other types our society likes to slap on us. I’m just a mom trying to make it through each day to give my daughter the best shot at life. To teach her humility, respect, love, grace, and to empower her as a woman. That is the kind of mom I am.

So to the people who judge, or disagree with me, I leave you with this:

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