My not-so-glamorous mom life

The other day a friend asked me to describe motherhood. It took me a moment to pick just one answer. I could have given her a notepad full of hefty descriptions, and my daughter is only 7 months old. The truth is, motherhood is messy in the most traumatizing and beautiful way. It fills you up with all the warm and fuzzies, but the moment the cards fall you want to jump out a window. I’m sure some people will take my explanation and call it a bit dramatic. You know what, it is dramatic because being a mom is no joke! So here is what my “mom life” truly looks like:

Motherhood is:
• Watching Daniel Tiger everyday because it makes her laugh.
• Feeding her while you get an IUD shoved up your vagina so she won’t have a little brother or sister before mommy is ready.
• Holding her so she will nap while you quickly scarf down pizza!
• Pooping while your fiancé gets ready for work and she doesn’t want to be put down. 
• Making funny faces and playing dress up long before she knows what a “selfie” or makeup is. 
• Driving to the closest 24 hour CVS for a suppository so she will poop. 
• Enjoying every moment with her. The good. The bad. The exhausting. The hilarious. The everyday. 

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